I’m So Sick

Seriously. New Year’s stole my voice. Legitimately gone. I try to talk and half my words come out in whispers. It’s annoying. That plus the coughing and hacking and grossness of being sick, well, let’s just say I’m not so fun to be around right now.

That said, I suppose this is the obligatory “Oh holy shit, it’s a new year, and I’ll be writing the incorrect one for the next month!” post. 2011 will live on in the most inconvenient places for a while: checks, lab notebooks….well, those might be it. Regardless.

I’ve seen quite a few posts from other people about what they plan to see in the coming year, what the last year brought them, and there has been much talk about babies and food and health issues etc.

Looking back on my 2011, it has not been about these things. This year wasn’t super stand-out in any way, though it wasn’t a bad year. There were quite obviously ups and downs, as well as a supreme refocusing on fitness and hockey. New and fantastic friends have been made, certain old friends have fallen by the wayside. There’s been lots of laughter and quite a bit of sweat and tears. I’d say it’s definitely been worth it.

It’s funny, looking to the next year, there’s not anything huge I have planned. I’ve got small things here and there, and I’ll definitely to continue to move past certain things, but nothing life-altering that I can tell. Makes me curious to what the future holds.

Which is, of course, why I suppose I find it a bit ironic that I spent a little while switching over to the Facebook timeline thing, which allowed me time to go back through some of my most formative years. As much as certain times in the past were fun then, you couldn’t pay me to go back to them. Cliche though it is, I find I definitely prefer just living in the moment. You never can quite tell where one decision will lead you.

I may not be making a bit of sense, which is logical with the drug-addled haze I’ve put myself in (go Tylenol, go), but be that as it may, I hope all of you have a fantastic year.

Here’s to 2012.

2 thoughts on “I’m So Sick

  1. I am very glad to see 2011 end. I don't know what tomorrow will bring….I have to practice enjoying the day. Learning to live in the moment is a great source of strength for me on any give occasion.

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