It’s Just One of Those Days

Mincing words, I shall not.

My run yesterday fucking blew. A lot. Not by timing standards as I finished 7 miles at a 9:04 average mile pace, but guys? It fucking sucked. The whole thing.

I’ll not sit here and list the reasons it was horrible, but suffice it to say a little over half way through my run, I stopped. Flat out stopped. Shut off my stop watch and stood there. That will get me all of nowhere when I get to the day of the half marathon.

This is one of the frustrating things about working out is that sometimes? Sometimes workouts just suck. In retrospect the workouts that I put myself through on Thursday and Saturday probably had something to do with the exhaustion I felt, so I made the decision to take today off.

Well, tweaking my left knee helped make that decision too.

It’s rough when a day that FEELS like it’s going to be great then ends up beating the shit out of you. It’s demotivating, it’s frustrating, and it certainly puts up a mental block. I KNOW the type of training I have heading for me in these last few weeks, and after yesterday there’s a part of me that wants to throw up my hands, shout “fuck it,” and not even worry about it.

Every once in a while I have to remind myself that I AM human and these bad days are going to happen, but it will be worth it in the end to make sure I keep going.

I have to keep going.

I will keep going.

Tomorrow. Heh.

2 thoughts on “It’s Just One of Those Days

  1. Sometimes I think about how I will answer if someone who knew I was running asks how it went. I'm not going to lie. Do I really want to say "Well, it was too hard and I stopped." Nope. Keep going. Or "Hey I hear you are running a half soon, how's that going?" "Um, well, it sorta sucked this one day so I said 'fuck it.'" Yeah, no. Keep going. ❤

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