Running on Empty

I do not know what the hell is wrong with me.

Don’t jump to conclusions. I am feeling fine right now when it comes to things in general, but I cannot get my fucking head straight with this running bit.

I have taken the last week off from training. The entire last week. It feels like it’s been the last month, and going back over my training schedule, where I actually track everything I do, it nearly has been.

March was shit for training, April is starting to look like it’s not going to be better.

That’s…..probably not so good what with the half marathon in a week and a half.

Surprisingly enough, when it comes to THIS race, I will be ok to just finish it. I know how horrible March was, I know how rough the last week has been, and so if I don’t get my goal time? Welp, ok then.

I know that this has a lot to do with the fact that I am EXHAUSTED. The insomnia is back never left, work’s gotten super busy which wears me out all day, and sometimes I just can’t even imagine doing anything besides laying on my couch when I get home.

This is rough.

I don’t want to get past this race, past Ragnar, and resent training. I am hoping that taking this week off for my physical sanity, my focus, will help.

Running is fun. I want it to stay fun.

No more time goal for this one. Possibly not one for the next one.

And dammit, if I want naked ice cream nights and a nap, then so be it.

4 thoughts on “Running on Empty

  1. I've been there. It usually hits in September – I'm so beat that I can't do anything other than hit the couch and fall asleep by 8pm. It usually lasts 3-4 weeks for me and then I'm fine. Be kind to yourself. I've ran 2 halves on VERY minimal training and finished. Yes, it hurt, but I did it and I KNOW you can do it. Have a nap, eat some ice-cream, tomorrow is a new day 🙂

  2. I think it's a great idea to get back to basics and run for FUN again. No point in pushing yourself to do something that just makes you miserable and resentful. Enjoy your naked ice cream nights. 🙂

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