I’m Walking on Sunshine

Last night Erratic posted what she thought were ten boring things. She likes these lists, and this particular list of hers made me grin like an imbecile when she said:

I am ridiculously happy. Not just the house shit, just everything. Perfect job, perfect boy, soon to be perfect house…shit is just awesome right now. I am much funnier when everything sucks, I realize this. Sorry about the cheese…”

Allow me to add my own cheese.

Guys? Things are good right now.

Things are STUPIDLY good right now.

I have been absolutely CRUSHING things at work lately. TWO presentations this morning went off with spectacular feedback. I am feeling comfortable and confident in my role, even with the added juggling of the priorities that it’s given me. My coworkers are awesome, and my boss trusts and respects me as a scientist and quality manager.

My writing has gotten some much bigger attention lately, to the point where not one, but two different Blues blogs have asked me to join their ranks. One I turned down, one I’m highly considering. Not to mention the fact that even right now with Aerys there have been opportunities to be a motivator that has in turn motivated me. Having my Blues in the playoffs helps.

The running thing, after my week long mental break, is better than I imagined. The race is Sunday, and last night I officially signed up for the Disney marathon. My marathon buddies are all in town, and they’re quite possibly some of my favorite people ever. Sunday’s race is going to be my bitch. Full stop.

My sister texted me the other day to tell me that she felt her baby move from the outside for the first time, and I’ll be damned if I just absolutely cannot fucking WAIT to meet that new niece/nephew.

The friends I have are the coolest people on the face of the planet. I have been out of my apartment and/or with friends every single day for the last few weeks, and though it is exhausting, the laughter and happiness that has been ever-present in my day-to-day life has made me so grateful to have them. Planning girls’ nights with Ali and Alison, looking forward to seeing April this weekend, having the marathon girls with me this past week, Sunday night dinners, Game of Thrones watch parties, Blues meetups, and knowing I FINALLY get to meet Miranda on Friday has me over the fucking moon.

And then. Then there is the one thing that I’m just going to tease you all with for right now, the thing that has me probably the most giddy out of all of these things. I am not going to go into details just yet, but I promise to update soon. I cannot WAIT to tell you about this.

You guys hate me right now, I am aware of this.

Oh, and I’m wearing absolutely kick-ass earrings today.

I am quite honestly drunk on happiness.

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