I Don’t Wanna Come Back Down From This Cloud

Here has been my M.O. over the last few weeks.

1. Open mouth.

2. Vomit sunshine and happiness.

3. Repeat a nauseatingly high number of times every single day.

It feels like I am walking through a dream, like there’s no possible way that this can all be real. And yet it is.

There are things that show me this is real. Really real. All of it. There are the text messages that make me smile to the point where my coworker has begun calling me out on them. There are the memories of certain events that give me such a monstrous swoop in my stomach that I stutter step walking down the hall at work (yes, this actually happened this morning).

There’s being curled up in his arms, having the words “I’m crazy about you” whispered in my ear. *swoon*

Then there’s being asked by one of my close friends, “What, are you going to marry this guy?” and having my response be “Um, I don’t know,” which miiiiight have nearly made that friend fall out of their chair since it wasn’t an emphatic “Fuck you” or “Hell to the no.”

There’s the hoping beyond hope that this feeling never goes away.

I recognize that there are bound to be rough times, but this feeling right here makes it so that I’m not even worried about it. If those hard times come around, they come around, and we’ll deal with them then.

But for now? It’s….well, it’s just fucking fantastic.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Come Back Down From This Cloud

  1. She's weird, isn't she?I feel like I have to get all this shit out here so as not to completely weird/gross out the people on facebook and twitter. Because seriously.Twitter-fucking-pated.

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