Besides swooning, what has Ann been up to over the last month?

Home Opener with the bestie:

Rainy day for a baseball game

Chicago aka Vegas repeat:

Blues playoff games:

The zoo:

Leasburg for Ali’s birthday:

Birthday girl!!

One of my absolutely new favorite pictures
The group

Stupidly happy
What I came home to

Oh yeah, and spread out through all of that was the trip to CollegeTown, meeting GCB’s family….parents, sister/bro-in-law/niece, AND grandparents, JD’s birthday celebration, out of town interweb friends being in town, baseball games, my friend Noelle moving back to STL, and realizing just how quickly I am falling have fallen for the boyfriend.

On deck there is:

  • A cousin competing in high jump at the state track meet….as a freshman
  • My freshman year of college roommate’s wedding
  • Ragnar
  • Taking the boyfriend to Jeff City to meet the family
  • Kansas City for the Cards/Royals series
  • Numerous other baseball games
  • Sunday night dinners
  • Alison’s daughter’s birthday
  • Spending every single day being blown away by how absolutely fucking lucky I am


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