L is for the Way You Look at Me

Fuck it. I don’t even care that it’s hardly been any time at all.

I am so insanely in love with the boyfriend on every single possible level. I want to will be with him forever.

I have never been so sure of anything or anyone in my entire life.

He is absolutely perfect for me. There is nothing I’ve found that isn’t more fun when he’s there.

Every single day he gives me more reasons to fall further in love with him.

Hesitation, fear, concern, doubt, apprehension, all of those emotions that have always been so prevalent with anyone else are completely nonexistent.

Am I crazy for this? Is it ridiculous to have thoughts like these so soon?


And I don’t care.

I love him. Full stop.

/super girly post

2 thoughts on “L is for the Way You Look at Me

  1. All that just means you found the right guy!!! I quit my job, deferred a grad program that I was about to start, and moved from Missouri to Virginia to live with my (now) husband about 6 months after we started long-distance dating. I'd met him in MO, shortly before he moved to Virginia for a new job, so I knew him and knew we had a lot of potential but he didn't want to start something right before moving away. A few months later, he started flying home to visit me on long weekends. Turns out he couldn't get me out of his head either. 15 months later, we were married. So, yeah, when it's right, it's right. Why wait?

  2. That's what people keep telling me. And you two have been married for a while now, right?It's crazy and exciting and amazing and awesome, and I find myself nearly breathless by how thrilled I am to have him in my life.SO MANY EMOTIONS. Gah.Girly? Yes. Any less true? Nope.

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