Thanks, Days 6-8

Day 6, I am thankful for the 19th amendment. I am grateful that so many women before me fought (and in some cases were arrested) for the right to vote. This is not something I take lightly, and I am so happy that I am able to stand up with millions of other women and have our voices HEARD. I am happy that in this election a message was sent, that we don’t want to go back in time to have to fight for our rights again, that we DESERVE bodily autonomy and the right to decide if/when/how many children to have, that we are deserving of equal pay for equal work, and that our voices are here to stay.

Day 7, I am thankful for the ability to talk to friends candidly about certain things that worry me, and get honest feedback that makes me feel way better about my own neuroses.

Day 8, I am thankful that work provides coffee in a seemingly endless supply. Especially today as I didn’t actually sleep throughout the night and am somewhat zombie-ish today. I’m also glad they provide sugar and cream (“Who wants cream…..anybody? Ok, no cream”) since it’s not the best coffee, but hey, free coffee >>>>no coffee.

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