Thanks, Days 10-13

I’m apparently really bad at this.

Day 10, Today I am grateful for my friends. We got to go out to celebrate my birthday, and I was honestly blown away by just how incredible they all are. They made me feel so very loved, and DAMN do they all clean up well. It was a really great night.

Day 11, Today I am grateful for my vets, GCB, quite a few cousins, my grandfather, and all the rest of them out there. I’m grateful that we live in a country where there are those willing to stand up and protect the freedoms we all take for granted daily. We are all pretty damn lucky.

Day 12, Today I am grateful for a job that allows me to take sick time whenever I am not feeling so hot.

Day 13, Today I am grateful for Josey. There are a whole lot of reasons why, but right now all you need to know is that I am.

I know this post is short and lacking in details, and for that I apologize. More detailed posts are forthcoming. Eventually. Just not feeling very wordy today.

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