Thanks, Days 16-18

Day 16, Today I’m thankful for having friends in St Louis. At one point, I had very few friends here, but now that times have changed, now that people have moved back, it seems there are friends everywhere! That’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Day 17, Today I’m thankful for lazy, lazy Saturdays.

Day 18, Today I’m thankful for a Sunday where I haven’t made any plans, where I can actually wait for a few hours to go running until it warms up to the 60s. It’s going to be a beautiful day to run. At this point, I’ve got a 15 miles scheduled. Lying in bed last night, I realized that my scheduled 15-miler? Is actually 16 miles. I could reroute something, but meh, whatever. I’ll have to run that far soon enough anyway. I’m crazy apprehensive about running this far. Oh well, I’ll only have another 10 miles after that in January. Yikes!

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