Here Comes the Sun

Can you feel it? Can you feel the days getting longer? Is it just me and my wishful thinking?

It’s not something that happens drastically or all at once or even in increments that are noticeable. There’s a feeling in the air though.

There’s heading out for a run after getting home and realizing that there is an extra 10 minutes where I can stay out before it gets too dark.

There’s the sun popping up behind me, behind the Arch as I’m driving west to work every morning rather than slugging through the hazy dawn.

The thing is, I know that winter is not over. It’s not even Groundhog’s Day! I am well aware that St Louis has a bad habit of screwing with your plans all Spring. Just last year during the final weekend of March, I spent my whole day unpacking in my brand new apartment with GCB as it BLIZZARDED outside. It was weird and stupid, and I’m ready for Spring.

And yet, yesterday at lunch, snow came blowing through town. It’s supposed to be 18F/-8C and snowing on Tuesday (so much for those hill repeats on my schedule, I suppose). Winter’s not going anywhere.

Guys, I miss warm weather. I miss Spring and long days and sunglasses/cold drinks on a back patio and running in fewer than six layers and washing my hands for a normal amount of time instead of keeping them under the warm water longer just because it feels good.

I know it’s got a while until it warms up for good, but the days ARE getting longer. Today that’s enough for me.

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