I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

A while back I mentioned that Janae from Hungry Runner Girl had talked about dedicating miles of her races to people. I’ve kept this idea in my head for a while and feel like my upcoming (less than four weeks!!!) races are the perfect place to start.

I have been a very big proponent of not running because of anyone but yourself. I run for me. Full stop.

That said, many times during a race when your legs are dead, and the finish line is so far away you consider the fact that it might be faster to fly (slight exaggeration), it takes the thought of someone else to give you an extra boost.

For me, the people in my life are a huge motivation in my running. Not in the traditional sense, as in they’re out there cheering me on, but more in their support on a day to day basis. For understanding most of the reasons I run, and maybe not understanding the rest but supporting me nonetheless.

There are other reasons people and things give me motivation, and over the course of the next few weeks I’ll detail someone or something or some place new for every mile I’ve got coming up. Nineteen point three miles, nineteen dedications.

Here we go.

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