Mile Three Dedication: Janae and Danielle

I do not read many running blogs, to be honest. Maybe this makes me a weird runner, but there are really only two that I read: Danielle at T-Rex Runner and Janae at Hungry Runner Girl.

It might seem very silly and somewhat fan-girly of me, but these two are definitely motivational to me. Whether it’s reading their race recaps or them talking about training plans or expressing frustration at a bad race/run/training day or even an every day “yep, I ran four miles today, how was your run?”, whatever, it’s something I can read and think “Hey, I’ve been there.”

I very much like the whole relatable factor.

Also, Janae prompted this whole mile dedications, and Danielle has still written to date my favorite post of any blog on the whole interwebs.

So mile three is dedicated to them. Because they write a lot more than I do (which is not terribly hard to do, but still) while not sounding forced. Because they are able to project to an audience relatability and encouragement.

And because they make me laugh. Anyone who runs and can make me laugh? Totally cool in my book.

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