Mile Fifteen Dedication: Mom

I know I have already written about my family, but today I wanted to highlight just how awesome my mom is.

She’s written a bunch in the past about some health issues that caused her to gain some weight. When she was finally able to start working out again, she started running. Couch to 5k, Couch to 10k. We talked frequently before she started these programs about how running just wasn’t for her but that she was going to try it.

Back in October, my mom ran her very first 10k. And you know what she’s done since? Kept running. Kept signing up for races.

Kept a more active lifestyle than most people my age.

She is incredible.

If I’m being perfectly honest, she’s run more this winter than I have, one time with plastic baggies around her feet so her toes wouldn’t get wet.

I don’t have the words to adequately express how proud I am of her. Seeing her go from someone who wasn’t really a fan of running to someone who when she found out there was a 5k the same weekend as my half marathon in April signed up for the 5k and said “ok, I’ll be there!”

She’s come so far from where she started, and that is quite the motivation to me.

Mom, mile fifteen is for you.

And for a bit of a flashback, mom’s very first 5k and my very first Disney race. We were pretty.


3 thoughts on “Mile Fifteen Dedication: Mom

  1. Ann…I have been loving your “mile dedications” and this one is my FAVORITE! I am also so proud of your mama! She rocks. Your post had me choked up, feeling so proud of her and then ended with a big laugh out loud as I remembered you crazy girls and your outfits at the Princess run! Thanks for my smile and motivation today šŸ™‚

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