Mile Seventeen Dedication: Miranda

So let me tell you about my friend Miranda. She and I met when we were both writing for Aerys (remember that hockey blog I had for a while?). I don’t know if I can pinpoint the moment where we started spending more time emailing back and forth than anything else, but hoo-boy, the emails.

Guys? These emails get MONSTROUS. As in once my gmail TRUNCATED OUR EMAIL, and I had to open it in a new window because there were so many words.

These emails and the contents therein brought into my life an absolutely incredible friend.

She’s listened to me vent in more words than was probably necessary about my running and has encouraged me through every race no matter what. I have a folder in my gmail for motivational stuff. There are 120 emails in that folder. Every. Single. One of them came from Miranda. Seriously. She’s a motivational guru.

Over the last little while, as is partially documented in this space, I have struggled mightily with running and training, etc. What you have seen here is but the slightest fraction of all I’ve written about it. Just instead of blogging, I’d email Miranda.

There aren’t enough thank yous in the world to adequately appreciate every time she’s been there when I couldn’t seem to do anything but just….write.

She’s encouraged and mentally pushed me. She’s thrown enough virtual glitter to get on Ke$ha’s nerves. And she made sure, in those less than stellar times, that I remembered why I do this.

I remember why I do this. I am doing mile seventeen for her.

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