Glass Slipper Weekend Recap – Part 2

Part 2!!

Cowgirl Runs

I realize it’s taken me a while to recap this past weekend and it’s because I’ve been struggling with how to put it all into worlds. I mean, I can pull a page out of The Bachelor and use the word amazing about a hundred times, but I’m pretty sure you’d all leave comments with a link to a thesaurus at the end of the post.

I really wanted to write it all in one post, but I have way too much to say (not a surprise) so it’s going to have to be a two parter.


I remember getting out of bed around midnight to do….something. Check my phone? Go to the bathroom? I’m not sure, but I do know still being awake at midnight and having an alarm set for 3:15 is not a fun feeling. Also, with the time change I realized when I went to…

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