Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Well. It’s been a little while. I’ll admit, my desire to write much of anything, let alone anything about running, has been virtually nonexistent lately (unless of course you’re the recipient of some of my more long-winded emails, in which case, sorry I’m not sorry).

I have been having a LOT of feelings about running lately, and there have been some less than awesome ones in there.

Pretty sure my wonderful friend Ange figured that out, and as she tends to do, she’s pushing me. This time by nominating me for a blog award (I’ll avoid an extended commentary on the irony of nominating a blog for an award when that blogger doesn’t really write much).


So, here we are. Apparently I have questions to answer. However, I will not be adding my own questions or nominations at the end because I’m a rebel like that. Heh.

Let’s get to it.

1. Tell me about your favourite non-running activity.
Reading. I have always really loved reading, always loved getting lost in someone else’s life/universe. I recently finished the fifth Game of Thrones, and I’ve taken a step back from heavy reading (tossed in the Divergent series, because it was easy and quick). I always love new books, and as much as I love my Kindle, there is something very special and comforting to me in the act of picking up an actual book. Do you have any recommendations?

2. What is your favourite animal and why?
You’d think this would be an easy question, but really it’s not. I took Mammalogy, Herpetology, and Behavioural Ecology in college, and it was just FASCINATING to learn about stuff like that. So I guess I’ll just take the easy way out and say sharks. Mostly because of this clips like this.

3. Are you loyal to running brands or do you switch it up?
If you’d have asked me this a year ago, I’d have sworn up and down about how awesome Asics are. And then I ran a marathon. And then I had IT band issues for a full year. And then I got fitted into some Brooks (the same brand I’d sworn off years ago) which meant I had no more IT band pain. And now you are speaking to a convert. If changing up brands of shoes every now and then will keep me from having to deal with that ever again, then you can count me on the “Switches it up” side of things.

4. What is your dream for your blog?
To actually, you know, write more on it. Or at least do more than open a post and stare at the blank window.

5. What are your goal races in 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years from now?
One year–I have some thoughts and ideas on this one, but I’m going to be keeping this one to myself for a while. I found that writing about upcoming races as intently as I have done in the past psychs me out, and with this one, I really don’t want to do that. So, I’ll tell you in a year what I’ve done.

Two years–I’d like to do a Ragnar with my family in the next couple years. My aunt Melissa and I have talked and talked and talked about it, and now with Ragnar one month from today (!!!!) I’m reminded again that talking won’t get you out the door. My aunt Julie has an IronMan that she’ll be running next year, so we’ll see how feasible this is, but it’s on my radar.

Five years–Any race in Canada. Ange has and will come down to the states a few times in the next couple years, and I would very much like to return the favor. Before this year’s registration snafu, I’d have said SeaWheeze, but now I’m not so sure. Either way, a Canadian half marathon sounds pretty excellent.

6. If you didn’t run, what would you do?
Eat Oreos and take naps.

7. Tell me about your dream vacation.
I want to go to Italy. I want to have conversations with my fiance (husband by then, I’m sure) over glasses of wine overlooking vineyards in Tuscany. I want to explore Rome and all it has to offer in the ways of art, history, and architecture. I want to speak in broken (probably) Italian because the language is so beautiful, and I want to know it. I want to walk along the waterfront in Venice and find the place where my future aunt-in-law took a picture of a curved building. I want to taste for myself the differences between northern and southern Italian cooking. I want to hold hands and kiss and wade in the Mediterranean Sea during a sunset.

8. What is your favourite “get pumped” running song?
Hey Ya! by Outkast.

9. What is your favourite running product?
My shoes. See earlier: no IT band pain.

10. What is your favourite post-race meal or treat?
Strawberries and cottage cheese or yogurt and granola. With almond milk. Always almond milk.


So there you have it. My answers. If you feel the need to answer the same questions, do so. Otherwise, and unrelated (well, kind of. Technically it’s related to EVERYTHING), read this:

Katie is the sister of a very good friend of mine, and I loved every single word in this post. Every. Single. One.

Thank you, Katie, for the reminder.

5 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like a Diamond

  1. Yer momma made me cackle with her comment 🙂

    OMG. Sharks! PLEASE tell me you’ve seen SharkWater. Please. I will actually get into heated debates with people about how amazing sharks are. HOW HAVE WE NOT YET TALKED ABOUT THIS?!

    Naps and Oreos. Solid. Like.

    I leave the sappiness to your mom since it’s late and if I comment on it I’ll cry and then I’ll have puffy eyes at work tomorrow.

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