Cabin Fever

Earlier today, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about my upcoming, and what should have been lazy, weekend.

Tonight: Birthday dinner for one of GCB’s closest friends.

Tomorrow: Birthday dinner for GCB’s brother-in-law followed by a night out in the city for the birthday of one of my friends.

Sunday: Birthday dinner in HomeTown for stepMark’s and my sister Michelle’s birthdays.

Her response to all of this?

“Well hell, do you people in Missouri not have anything to do during March and April?”



This morning I was sitting on the edge of my bed talking to GCB. I didn’t have my contacts in nor my glasses on which meant that I couldn’t really see anything. I told him that I couldn’t even tell if his eyes were open or not, unless he blinked. The following conversation occurred:

Him: Wait, so you can only see movement? Are you like a T-Rex?!?!

Me: No! I don’t have a big head and little arms!!

Him: You ARE like a T-Rex! You run like you have T-Rex arms!!

Me: …….dammit.

You see, months ago our friend and my marathon buddy Stephanie likened herself and me to the dinosaur statues in Forest Park. One day she sent me two picture text messages.

The first:

“This is the angry face I make when I’m running.”

The second:

“This is your idiotic face of joy when you run…”

The thing is, she’s not wrong. Not even a little bit. I grin like a maniac and hold my arms at my sides much like this picture.

Hmmm. I guess I am kind of a T-Rex.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Ok, so I try to not put much of my sports stuffs on here, since I have a different platform for such things, but this past weekend was just beyond amazing that I can’t not tell you about it.

The Cardinals site in the same network I have my Blues site with was given press creds for the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up over the weekend. Out of the three writers for the site, two live in the Quad Cities, the other lives in Arkansas. So I got to go.

I might have squealed when I found out.

It was a lot of work but was quite legitimately one of the coolest experiences I’ve had, so I feel the need to share. Well, that and linking all my posts here will give me a simple way to get back to them.

Before I get to that, I had to share my favorite Twitter conversation from today. The crush Kevin mentions is mildly detailed here.

Anyway, here’s a list of all my posts for the weekend. I loved getting to meet players and feel like a legitimate reporter. Pretty fucking spectacular weekend.


Chris Carpenter and Rafael Furcal
John Mozeliak
Lance Lynn, Matt Carpenter, Tyler Greene
Adam Wainwright
Matt Adams, Brandon Dickson, JC Romero
Jason Motte and Shelby Miller
Jon Jay and Daniel Descalso
Mitchell Boggs and Jaime Garcia
Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman
Allen Craig and Kyle McClellan
Mike Matheny
Kyle Lohse and Carlos Beltran
David Freese and Skip Schumaker
The Cool Down post

I’m still walking on air after this. I love that I had the opportunity to do this and be around my favorite team. So awesome. So, so awesome.