The Nature of Reality


It has been nine days since the Disney half marathon. Like clockwork, 8-10 days after every race I’ve run, I end up revisiting all that I have planned when it comes to races and training schedules and goals for what’s coming up.┬áThis time around is no different.

The reason I like to do this is that it forces me to be completely honest with myself (and any potential running partners) about where I am and where I’d like to be. Sometimes I’m overzealous, which can then backfire, so I’m trying to be as straightforward as possible. It just so happens that this time around is a bit painful to admit.

You see, this winter has not been kind to me (or anyone, really), and my running and training have both suffered from it. This is absolutely my own fault, I am aware, and that hurts. However, at this point there’s no reason to keep beating myself up about it (and I’ll make sure to come back and read that line the next time I’m feeling down).

This is the time when I have to be realistic. I had a goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon on April 6. My training is not where it should be to run that. It just isn’t. It sucks, but it’s ok. Grand plans in October end up distant dreams by March. It happens, and has happened before more than once. Pretty sure Ange and I swore off winter races during the Disney races (and then promptly agreed to another the day we both got home….because of course we did).

I feel like I can attribute a lot of my nonchalance about knocking this goal down to the Disney weekend. I had a lot of stress going into that one, and a lot of concern about having a horrible race and disappointing my running partner (despite countless reassurances that it would be fine). And then? It really was fine! Even though we stopped multiple times for pictures and walked a bunch and crossed the finish line at least an hour slower than either of us had ever done so before.

It was all ok.

Not running a sub-2 in four and a half weeks will be ok. Making sure I enjoy this race as well as stay healthy enough to keep running and be set for Ragnar is ok. Getting back into a habit (come on, warmer weather and Daylight Saving Time!) and enjoying the process is ok.

Completely scrapping my training plan and building a new one is ok. Actually, it’s better than ok. I’ll admit it. I love building training plans (calendars are where my Type A-ness is most readily apparent). Following them may be something I have struggled with for the last year, but man, building them certainly makes me happy.

It really will all be ok.