Mile One Dedication: Spectators

This one goes out to the spectators. The people who wake up early to go sit on the side of the road and watch people work through mile after mile.

To the people who will yell and cheer your name as you run by.

To the people who have cups of cold beer at mile nine. And mile eleven.

To the people who make signs that make me laugh.

sign sign 2 sign 3

To the people who care as much about you finishing as you do.

To the one guy during a half marathon that was wearing a tie dye “Grateful Dad” shirt that we saw EVERY HALF MILE (I’m still not sure how).

To the people who run almost as much as the race itself just to be able to see their runners more than once or twice.

To all of them out there who make the racing experience one of my favorite things in the world.

Mile one is for them.