Wild Thing

You know how sometimes I get some really wild hairs (hares?) about me and commit to doing something that’s just wildly insane? Every once in a while, those commitments end up falling through. Remember the 100 Push-Up challenge? That one got derailed when my finger got all surgerized and I got shishkabobed with that damn pin (which is still in a glass vial on top of my entertainment center, where it will remain).

This time, though, I think I’ve gone above and beyond anything I’ve committed to before.

Have you ever heard of a Ragnar race? I have agreed to run in Chicago’s.

Nutshelled: eleven other people and I run a relay race (three legs apiece) over nearly 200 miles, spanning from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago. My piece will be sixteen miles.

I have until June 8 to make myself be physically capable of running sixteen miles over the course of two full days and overnight.


I also have this crazy idea that I’m just going to up and quit drinking after the weekend of St Pat’s. That’ll give me a full month of no booze before my marathon, which can have nothing but good effects. Now, we’ll see how that choice pans out as I see what the work stress situation is, but I have high hopes.

Hell, last time I quit drinking (for about two months after my Los Angeles trip about a year and a half ago), I lost two inches off my waist in a month. Things could get interesting.

Tomorrow is a day I would normally do Turbokick, but I’m feeling like since I’ve got these two monstrous races headed for me very soon, I should start running again instead. I’ve got six miles on the agenda for Saturday after I lift.

My muscles are never going to forgive me for this.

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