Crazy Beautiful Life

You guys, life is CRAZY. I’m sure you’ve realized this, as it’s been weeks since I’ve posted. My apologies. So let’s update you! Bullet-point style.

  • First off, I have a brand new nephew! He was born 530am yesterday morning, and was a teensy 7.0lbs, 18.5 inches long. My sister is a freaking rock star as she labored with him for TWO DAYS and still delivered him unmedicated. She’s exhausted still, but both she and the baby (who is at last check still nameless Edit: I just got a text message from my mom. His name is Thomas.) are doing wonderfully. The kiddo has LOTS of blond hair, and I cannot wait to meet him in (hopefully) six weeks.
  • On the work front, I’ve recently been moved into a (what my boss calls) utility player role. This has kept me super busy both in the lab and doing the quality management stuff, but it’s been great to learn new stuff and stay busy at the same time.
  • So a couple weekends ago, I noticed a slight crack in my living room ceiling. That weekend it rained like crazy, and by that Monday, my ceiling was split basically into quadrants and looked like it was going to come crashing down on me at any moment. There were bits of ceiling on my floor, which is the exact opposite location of where they should be. Last Tuesday they called and told me they were going to completely replace my ceiling, which meant I had to move everything out of my living room and gather enough stuff to last me for a week. I have yet to get back into my apartment, but it’s supposed to be done today. It’s been kind of fun living with GCB, and even though we spend nearly every day together as it is, it will be nice to have the option of going home. However, what I wasn’t expecting was what happened as I moved stuff. I went through my bookcase to try to pare down what books I owned. After two monstrous piles of books to donate as well as books that I’ve borrowed and never read, I am at a point where I’m ready to THROW AWAY ALL THE THINGS. The amount of extraneous crap lying about my apartment is kind of unreal, and I plan on fixing that post haste. This afternoon my intent is to go through at least a closet and two sets of drawers and get rid of everything I don’t need. This will be a large amount of stuff. I’m kind of looking forward to it.
  • Marathon training is….going. I’m going to be incredibly honest and tell you that the entire month of August made me hate running. A dread type hate, where I didn’t even want to walk out my front door. My runs were abysmal, I felt no ounce of progress, and it’s incredibly disheartening/demotivating to feel that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Luckily last week I had two REALLY good runs, and it was such a boost. It is officially less than four months til the big race, with two half marathons looming just a few weeks from now. It’s terrifying, and I’m really hoping the joy that I normally feel running makes its return before I end up in a serious race situation. I’m just under 5 weeks until the Rock and Roll half. I have five weeks to get my ass in gear. This should be interesting.
  • Things with the boyfriend are phenomenal still. Moreso than I could ever have imagined. He’s pretty damn fantastic.
  • As for what I’ve been doing besides that? Everything. Baseball games and dinners and weekends with friends/family/the boyfriend. Four-wheeling and fantasy football and mourning the NHL lockout. Starting to write for a different hockey place (details when I actually publish my first piece) and just enjoying things. A friend of mine commented recently that I’ve been quite scarce from the Twitter world. I realized that instead of commenting on life there, I’m living it. Living it well.

Friends, things are good great. I’m happy. Very, very happy.

1 thought on “Crazy Beautiful Life

  1. Okay, I am FINALLY getting a chance to comment on this.YAY for a new nephew!YAY for job changes! Good to keep it interesting (any pay changes?)BOO for falling apart ceiling, but YAY for having a place to stay, and YAY for cleaning out all the shitz. Such a great feeling.SO glad I don't do marathons. You be crazy.SO want to meet GCB.YAY for living life. Big fan. I'm working on that myself.

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