What the Hell am I Doing Here?

Here being the registration page for a half marathon in April. Just to see the prices.

Here being even CONSIDERING running again when my left hip is still protesting at every step.


I know, I know, I just got done with a race and training program that looked more like this than anything else.

But honestly, less than a week later, still in pain and still VERY tired from a marathon, it feels WEIRD to not have a race to look forward to. Since August of 2011 I have had something to look forward to, to train for, somewhere on my horizon.

It’s a bit of an empty feeling to not have something on the horizon.

So now I just can’t figure it out. I can’t tell if I’m looking at the registration fees because I want to run a race or if I’m just used to having an upcoming race and feel like I need it.

Meh. I have a month until prices go up again. Definitely not deciding anything right now.

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