I Belong with You, You Belong with Me, My Sweetheart

You all know that I am by no means a fan of Valentine’s Day. Not the hooplah, not the expectations, not the hurt feelings, not much of anything. Since I have been with GCB I have had a few people ask me if I was going to change my mind. No. No I’m not. He’s working tonight, and I’ll either be lifting or working through season eight of House.

That said, about a week ago Josey posted a wonderful list about her husband and the ten reasons that he’s the one for her.

I loved every single bit of it.

You see, I have been saying for the last 10 months that every single day GCB says or does something or I experience something that makes me fall even more in love with him. Every single day, without fail.

So today, in a rather abrupt departure from the type of post I would normally put up about this holiday (or the lack of post because really, it’s just another day for us), you get my list about GCB.

10. Because he makes me laugh. Our senses of humor are incredibly similar, and that fact keeps us laughing together every single day. It can be the mostly-asleep snickers that happen when he says something silly as he’s crawling into bed with me after an evening shift, or the silly jokes he makes about Frosted Flakes and dead toenails (just go with it), or even just the way he tells a story. The man’s funny.

9. Because he makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world. He isn’t stingy with his compliments, and the way his eyes follow me, even if I’m just in a sweatshirt and jeans, makes me strut. He tells me every day that I’m beautiful. Lately I haven’t been feeling like my normal, confident self, which is entirely due to me not working out in four solid weeks, but throughout that time I’ve never had a single doubt that he is entirely attracted to me.

8. Because he is excited to experience new things with me. Training for and running Tough Mudder will be the first time he comes into my running world as more than just a spectator. I don’t play hockey, but he can certainly run. I love that he is not only willing, but entirely eager to get to share this part of my life with me rather than just watching as I disappear into the distance.

7. Because of the way he kisses me. There are the deep, meaningful, passionate kisses that leave me absolutely weak in the knees. Or the soft ones on my temple or top of my head as we’re curled up together. Or the ones when he gets home where he seems to be working on kissing every spot on my face he can get to. The best ones, though, are the ones from when we are reunited, no matter how long we’ve been apart. They are the ones that are so powerful, so staggeringly good at conveying one simple fact. That he missed me.

6. Because of the way he loves his family. I love spending time with him and his family because it is so obvious that he cares so very much for all of them. Family is hugely important to me, and I am so glad to be with someone for whom that feeling is the same. Not to mention seeing him play with his nieces me melts me into an absolute puddle of goo from my ovaries all the way out to my fingertips.

5. Because he is as big of a nerd as I am. Perhaps his nerdiness is in different areas, but we both definitely have a geeky side. I love that I could bring home a Ravenclaw pin for him as a souvenir from Harry Potter World that was meant for the Quidditch bag he had previously bought for himself. I love that he just gets it.

4. Because he is easy to talk to. I can talk to him about ANYTHING. I haven’t ever once felt embarrassed or self-conscious about anything I thought or felt, nor have I ever felt judged for holding a firm opinion. Even if we’re talking about nothing, he’s a fun conversationalist.

3. Because he is my biggest fan. Through Ragnar, through three half marathons and a full that I didn’t train for, he was there, encouraging me on and cheering for me and building me up when I felt low. He’s always so proud of me for the things I accomplish, and he doesn’t shy away from telling me.

2. Because he accepts every single facet of me. My quirks, my oddities, my opinions, everything about me, to him, is perfect. I have never and will never have to worry about being asked (or coerced) into changing one iota of myself. He loves me for me.

1. Because being with him has made me really and truly believe in the heart-stopping, breathtaking type of love that for the longest time I didn’t think really existed. I am far less cynical because of him. As recently as a year ago, I was the type who would scoff at the people who said, “I just knew,” because duh, you can’t “just know.” And then the universe laughed. I have known since our first date that I wanted to BE with him. I have known since very shortly into our relationship that I had fallen and would continue to fall hopelessly, unequivocally, end-over-teakettle in love with him. I have known for a LONG time now that I will marry this man. This love is powerful and real, and it has CHANGED me.


He is my person. He is who I want to share every high and every low with. His are the arms I run to in celebration and for comfort. He has the dimple I hope to one day have passed along to my children. He is who I want to wake up to every single day and whose arms I want wrapped around me every night.

He is the extra shot of espresso in the latte I call life.

He makes me better, he makes me want to BE better.

He is without the slightest hint of a doubt my best friend and the love of my life.

I am so, so happy he’s mine.

11 thoughts on “I Belong with You, You Belong with Me, My Sweetheart

  1. Geezuz Ann. He is my person. Cue the fricking crocodile tears over here. Thank God I read this BEFORE I went to work!!!Great list. You will love having this to look back at over the years. We don't make a big deal over V-day over here either (as in, we make no deal about it), but there is nothing wrong with taking some time to really think about WHY you love someone. I cannot wait to meet this man. 🙂

  2. I'm not sure I remembered to tell Josey that I cried when I read her list about Charlie because it is so RIGHT to take the time to remember why we love someone and I was so grateful that she gets that. And her list was marvelous. And Elmo and I love Charlie. When push comes to shove it is our people who matter and not much else. All of this prelude is leading up to me saying that I've never met you, Ann, but I cried when I read your list, too. I love that the universe laughed at you. 🙂 Because no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should….May you and GCB build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung….and may you stay Forever Young. (Thanks, Bob Dylan!) xx

  3. I hate you. But in the best most "I really love you" way. You know I share your feelings on this "holiday," but that post, right there gives me hope.I feel like I need to go punch something right now so I can quit feeling like such a girl.

  4. Aww, thanks Juls!! I appreciate your sweet words. I loved this: "It is our people who matter and not much else." SO TRUE.I hope we can actually one day meet. I'm sure Jos will help with that. 🙂

  5. If your first reaction is punching things, that's not very girly. :PHope is a pretty awesome thing. I'm really glad I could help with it.I miss your face.

  6. I love reading your about your rainbows and skittles! And I can tell you that 10 years into my marriage to my person, it's still awesome. I may not spew for the sunshine all the time anymore, but I am grateful and happy everyday. Life (every bit of it) is so much better and easier when you're with your person.

  7. Your happiness makes me so happy lady! I am so glad you have found such a wonderful man – you definitely deserved to find someone who thinks the world of you, and makes you this happy. xoxo

  8. Mushy Ann…..it’s so cute!
    It’s funny how life throws things in your face, and sometimes when you least expect it something makes sense. Love is hard because it makes us so vulnerable. But, real love doesn’t do that. It makes the world right, even if it is just the world inside your home.
    I knew with Brian…..I knew within the first five minutes of actually talking to him that we would go on a date. it was his smile that did me in. Seriously, I melt just seeing that. By the time we were dating a month, I knew I didn’t want anyone else. Even in my darkest days I never wanted anyone else.

    I hope I get to meet the man who makes Ann mushy! 😉

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