Mile Five Dedication: My Fitness Group

There is a group of ladies that I’m a part of. Every month they come up with different monthly fitness challenges. Many of them check in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Over the last little while instead of participating in their challenges, I’ve spent time doing my own thing while watching their updates from afar. Guys, this group of ladies is SUCH a motivation to me.

Their determination to finish challenges, their follow-through with daily postings of their workouts, their encouragement of anyone and everyone who might be struggling, it’s impressive to see. These women have come together from all walks of life, yet have created a group that stands together in their unwavering support for everyone there. Even if those people happen to be voyeurs rather than participants anymore.

Mile five is for them. Because I know that even if I’m not posting there, they are going to support whatever I do no matter what. They’re pretty awesome.

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